Monday, August 17, 2009

Being five

Dear Mom and Dad,
As you have probably forgotten, it is my birthday today. I am five years old now. Please donot think that I'm angry with you or anything. After the really horrible (Sharon uses that word, she says it means 'really bad') fight you both had last night, I didn't think you would remember.
Teacher Susie says five is a big age, so I'm a big girl now. So I figured that I should be able to understand what you always said, 'You're too small to understand this'.
I asked my new best friend Jenny (she's really sweet, she gave me her pink ballet shoes for a day!) why you both fight so much. She said you were under 'divorce'. I didn't understand what she meant by that word, so I Googled it up. Divorce means 'final termination of a marrage..'.
I didn't know what termination meant, and then I got bored, so I left that and went to Sharon's house to play dress up. But now, I wanna ask you both, are you under divorce?
Please tell me, so that I can tell Jenny what the truth is.

This time, I don't want any pink skirt or shoes. I want a puppy. I've even found out the breed I want, so that you don't have to waste time doing that. I know you both are very busy. I want a cute little Labrador. A golden one. Did you know that Sharon just got one for herself, and named him Shadow? He's so cute, I want one too!
I've completed my Math homework, and I'm finishing up this letter too.
I've not even made any spelling mistakes this year, unlike the last year, when I spelled understand as 'unerstand'.
I love you both, so please donot fight on my birthday.
Love, Kelly.


The Hedonistaah said...

Very very well-written..:) Did I tell you this before? I have read some of your earlier posts and I think you write fab fiction..:)

suyash said...

i totally agree with the hedonistaah.. this piece of fiction is very well-written indeed. i love the the way you capture the innocence of the young mind.. i wonder though where you get inspiration, in this world, where innocence is nowhere to be found.

L@$H@ said...

Shuvi: Thank you :) and yeah? Well, then, I'm really flattered. Honest.
But there's always some sort of truth behind every fiction you write..

Suyash: Thanks yaar! I really dont know myself how I manage to do that. It just comes, on its own.
And inspiration, well, the world is an inspiration!
And innocence s wherever you want it to be..
It's all a game of perspective I guess.
Gawd, I can be uuterly confusing and philosophical at times. :|

Akanksha said...

It was very nicely written i agree but somwhow it wasn't unpredictable u knw.I mean i knew wht was coming.Dat doesn't take away the beauty of it but i hope u get wht i mean.
Try writing something unpredictable naa :)

L@$H@ said...

Aku: Oh, you're alive! :D
Well, I kinda get what you mean, but it wasn't MEANT to be unpredictable...
I'll try..Pakka! :)

Nik said...

I liked it, but it seemed a little bromidic, no? Little child doesn't know what's going on but is bothered by it while still living in her own world... Maybe it's just me.
But yes, very well written. :)

L@$H@ said...

Nik: Yeah? I don't know..Maybe. But that's the whole point of the story na..She doesn't know what's actually happening, but definitely feels the significance of it in her life..
And, thanks ya. Coming from you, thanks!!

Radhika Saxena said...

I absolutely love this.
Makes me want to come back to blogging.
I should.
I will.

L@$H@ said...

Radhika: Whoa, that's a sweet thing to say.. :)
Come back, pleasy? :(
Nobody blogs these days, me included.. Atleast start the change!!