Tuesday, July 28, 2009

IIT-D Diaries!

Day 01

Ah, well, after the LONG and rigorous and utterly BORING schedules of Orientation (most of which I skipped :P), I was genuinely hoping for classes to begin, and something better to arrive. Divine intervention was really called for. But alas, nothing of the sort happened...obviously. Magic repulses me. :/

Our first class on Monday, 27th July, 2009 was Computers. Here I would like to mention that just as getting into IIT is a tough task, decoding its time table and finding your classrooms is more than that. One, we don't have OUR classroom. We have to jump from one place to another in search of our room, every one hour. Long story cut chort, after roaming around the same building for quite some time, we arrived in class a little late and got the last seat. Perfect.

Hmm. The classroom. Oops, sorry, the 'Lecture Theatre' was just a dilapidated hall with lazy ceiling fans and a very humid temperament. We sat there as our teacher, oh sorry, Professor, oh gawd, Prof. babbled on. Fine, fine, I'm still a fresher. I'm catching up with the lingo here.

The lecture didn't amount to anything significant enough, and we moved out wondering if this was how all lectures would turn out to be.

Surprisingly not.

Next venue: Seminar Hall. A/C=WOW!!

Physical Chemistry : The ONLY part of Chemistry I never really paid attention to for the past two years. God has a way of getting back at you, I tell ya.

Went pretty okay, although Thermodynamics isn't really my cuppa-coffee.

Okay, break time!! 11'0 clock to 1'0 clock.

I was hanging out with my neighbouring roommates. Saruchi and Shweta. My actual roomies are Arushi and Isha. Arushi is a little reserved, and we nothing much in common (except for the fact that we are in the same batch and live in Dwarka). Isha isn't in my class, so our class timings are a little different. Well, Saruchi and Shweta, thence.
They made me measure the IIt campus for quite some time, which was quite irritating. Then we went to the hostel mess for lunch. Aaloo cabbage.

Oh, by the way, the mess here is strangely obsessed with one vegetable. POTATO.

Aaloo shimlamirch, aaloo sambhar (!), aaloo matar, aaloo breadroll, oh gawd.

So much for tring to follow a calorie chart.


Post lunch: To be continued...

[Oh, by the way, if you donot find it interesting enough just tell me. I won't post it. Really. IIT can be quite boring if you ask me, so I won't really mind. :)]


saumya said...

well....nw dat u WANT a comment...m thinking...
i knew 90% of d things already...
so..i dnt knw..but just go on writing ur iit adventures n experiences..coz i will STILL read dem. mwaah. =D

Perx said...

Well potatoes are cheap.. so they're bound to be overused.. especially because delhites and punjabis are already obsessed over these vegetable (stews ?)

L@$H@ said...

Samy: Oh, thank you.
And, thank you again, for telling me that you're gonna read them anyway... :)

Perx: Yeah, I know. But I just wish that they would atleast not use them in curies where they are JUST NOT NEEDED!! :/
I was fond of potatoes some time back..but you know, there has tobe a lot of spice, salt and sauce along with it..none of which is available here(obviously). :(

L@$H@ said...


Saumya said...

potatoes ARE present in sambhar (atleast in north india)
and..iit is IN north india. u r just,weird.
(btw whose dis perx??)

Abhi said...

Aloo in every dish. I guess, different IITs aren't all that different :P

L@$H@ said...

Samy: Oh, you shut up. Aaloo sambhar sounds so yuck, and trust me, tastes yuck as well. :/

Abhi: Well, I never had the notion that they'd be any different from each other. :|
But taking from what you're saying, the beliefs are reinforced I guess. Seriously, what's it with the potatoes? They don't even taste good out here, like they used to at my house.
Btw, you're in which IIT??
Excuse the ignorance, :P

Abhi said...

Was. In IITB.

Which deptt are you in?

L@$H@ said...

Abhi: Oooo. IIt-B is good, I think. :|
I'm in Maths and Computing. :)

Sukanya said...

this sorta mess would have been perfect for me! i love aloo. i get to eat it only once a day these days, thanks to mom and her "arey aloo has nothing, only carbs, daal khao " lectures. aloo and me are beshtest buddies :D
and dont worry dude, we'll come and meet you! mere ghar ke paas hi toh hai!

L@$H@ said...

Lasha: Take my word, you're lucky you're just WISHING, and not GOING through it. They are NOT yummy AT ALL. It's serious torture. It used to be my favourite too, but not anymore.
And thanks ya, but I dont stay there enough as of now, so I dont really know about the meeting part...
Thank you for dropping by!